Review the location – The Location of the property is important when investing in real estate. You shouldn’t only buy in a place because the price is reasonable. Choose the location with long term perspective. According to experts, your property’s location is key to its worth. Amenities like bus stops, hospitals, schools, and connectivity should all be taken into account if you wish to buy in a residential area. On the other hand, it will be advantageous if you want to invest in commercial space to be close to warehouse, airports, etc.

Research the market – Effective real estate investors get a thorough understanding of the markets they choose, such as concentrating on a specific geographic area and focusing on residential rather than commercial buildings. You must research the type of property you are buying. It should fit inside your budget as well as provide you with a comparable result. You should thoroughly investigate the history of the property, the areas  around it, and the suitability of the site for the development.

 Check all approvals and documents – Before investing in any property , verify with RERA to see if the building or project has been registered. Verify each piece of paperwork carefully. Do a thorough background check on the builder and see if they have the required local authority approvals. Examine the local laws that are in effect in the area where you want to purchase a property. Remember to educate yourself on taxation laws. Hire a lawyer to assist you if you are having trouble understanding the rules and legislation.

Expected Return on Investment – What kind of return do you anticipate getting on every investment? Prepare profit and expense predictions. Determine the anticipated cash flow from rental revenues, the cost – benefit analysis of the bank loan, the risk analysis before to the refurbishment, and whether the appreciation is profitable after all analysis to decide whether it is worthwhile to take the risk or not.

Calculate the Budget – Investing in real estate is not cheap. When investing in real estate, you also must consider in your expenses in advance. It’s not as easy as just buying a house and waiting for the money to roll in. There are extra things to keep in mind for example – taxes, electricity, basic maintenance, etc.

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